How to label incoming goods for the warehouse

As a scanning solution, Mobile WMS will of cause benefit greatly, when used with correctly labeled items and units

Cloud Print Service is well suited for this task

What type of barcode should I use? 

Simple or encoded barcode?

Best practice

Encoded barcodes offer the ability to not just identify the correct Item, but also information such as all the Quantity, the Lot/Serial number the scanned container represents.

How do I handle Units of Measure on labels?  

BC supports Purchasing, Handling, and Selling the same item in different units.

However, labeling with different Unit will add complexity, you might not want or need.

Best practice

You should label the items in the unit, that you will be handling them by, in the warehouse.

Are you Put-away and Pick an Item in PCS = then label that item in PCS

This will simplify your workflows.

Case 1: Incoming goods have existing labels

My items have already been labeled by the vendor.

Best practice

You can choose to re-use the existing labels and barcodes, if they are of sufficient quality

Using Mobile WMS Item Cross Reference -function you can scan the incoming Item References and assign the correct Unit of Measure to it

  • From now on, BC will know the Item and Unit by this barcode
  • The information is stored in the Items Item References in BC

Case 2: Incoming goods have no useable labels

My items are not reliably labeled.

Best practice

You should label the items during the Receive -process using Mobile WMS

  • Use a label solution to generate encoded barcodes, containing information such as Item identifier, Quantity, Lot number, Serial no. 
  • See also Print Label