The Cloud Print service is an add-on to Mobile WMS, that greatly simplifies the process of using Zebra printers in the warehouse.

Printing labels with barcodes is an essential task when using scanners in the warehouse. 

When printing labels you want to be close to the printer, this makes the mobile device the ideal place to start the print.

For a video introduction, see Cloud Print: Introduction 

Key features

  • Easy setup
  • Mobile and stationary printers are supported
  • Standard Label Template Designs are included
  • Print from any page in the Mobile WMS app
  • Customize your own labels (We can also assist you for a fee)
    • Design through online designer in the cloud (WYSIWYG)
    • Customize data through extension (AL code)

What do you need


  • Only approved Zebra printers are supported. See Supported Printers
  • The print must be triggered from the Mobile WMS app on the mobile device
  • Shipping labels are not included
  • Not supported by Navision 4,5 or 2009
  • Not supported in AX 4.0 and below. Will be available in AX 2009 and AX 2012 in a future update.

How does it work

The central idea behind the solution is to use the mobile device to connect to the printer.

This removes the pain of trying to connect a printer to the cloud or installing printer drivers on a local computer. 

The Mobile WMS app can open a connection to any Zebra printer it can "see" on the wireless network (WiFi or Bluetooth).

The process of printing a label

  1. User selects an action to print
    1. The action can be placed anywhere using mobile configuration

  2. User is shown a list of available templates
    1. Selects template
    2. Completes the steps

  3. The context (Order, OrderLine, Lookup-result etc.) is converted to a Dataset
    1. Additional values are collected using “Steps” and added to the Dataset

  4. Request is sent to Cloud Print Service
    1. Dataset is converted to Request using the "template handler”

  5. Cloud Print Service maps the values from the dataset to the template
    1. Cloud Print Service responds with label data (ZPL)

  6. The mobile device prints directly to the printer using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth