Print   LabelLabel templates can be modified to create custom label designs 

See also video Cloud Print: Learning the terminology


  • Can be edited in the cloud designer
  • Has a Name, Display-name, and a File path where the template is located on the server

Default Label Template Designs

The system comes with Standard Label Template Designs.


Online tool to change the visual design of labels.  


  • Tenant isolates customers, their templates, and processing from other customers
  • One shared tenant "CommonBC" also exists.
    • This is used for customers you do not need to create new templates


  • The XML Request to Cloud Print Service contains the data to print a label

Print Dataset

An intermediate key-value format.

Dataset and design are independent of each other, meaning the same dataset can be used by any design, e.g, different label sizes.

  • Print request contains mainly the dataset
  • Dataset is customizable with events, so you can add/change values in it
  • The dataset can include:
    • Context (Order, OrderLine, Lookup-result etc.)
    • Collected steps
    • Customized data. See Customize Labels

Dataset examples for each standard template is available at Standard Label Template Designs   

Template Handler

A Template Handler makes it possible to reuse existing logic, step-collection and data mapping.

This can be used if you create your own version of a template, but want to re-use the data processing and Step-collection of a default template.

Data customization

Data can easily be changed through extension/customization:

  • Additional values can also be collected by adding new steps
  • or you can change existing steps

See Customize Labels