This topic provides an overview of the timeline of when to expect code to be obsoleted once you start seeing warnings when extending it. 

Timeline for Deprecating Code in Mobile WMS

To obsolete objects, the ObsoleteState Property and ObsoleteTag Property are used to specify where and when an object is marked as obsolete, for example, branch, build, or date of obsoleting the object. The Obsolete Attribute is used for the same purpose for methods and variables.

When we obsolete code, we intentionally set the obsolete tag to the version in which the element is obsoleted and not when the code will be removed. This is due to the fact that our deprecation rules and timelines may change, and that releases and versioning schemes may change. Setting the version in which things are obsoleted is a statement of fact and does not change.

How long time from obsoleted to deprecated?

When an object is marked as obsolete, a minimum of 12 months will pass before the code is removed, sometimes even longer.

Due to engineering and architectural considerations, we do not set a specific date for the removal. This means that once you start getting warnings the feature or code will not be deprecated for at least a year. The general rule is next Business Central Major release + 1 year.

See Lifecycle Policy for details