You get a runtime error on mobile with an error message from Business Central.


You experience bad performance


Step 1: Is it a known error message?

See Error Messages

Step 2: Inspect the Callstack and "Mobile Document Queue"

The callstack points to the code where the Error happens.

This code is not necessarily the source of the error - but it is still valuable information that we need to know.

The call stack is included in the XML Response which is found in the Mobile Document Queue

See How-to: Inspect Request Response XML and Error Call Stack  

Step 3: Has the system been updated lately

  • Has Mobile WMS extension been updated?
  • Have you changed any extension code?
  • Has Business Central been updated?
  • Have you changed setups?

Step 4.1: Check all third-party extensions including Partner customization

Partners extend Mobile WMS with their own code. Do you have other extensions installed?

Try uninstalling them temporarily  Consider doing this in a sandbox (step 6) to avoid disrupting the business.

  • Go to: Extension Management
  • Select an extension
  • Select the three dots
  • Select Uninstall
  • Does the issue change?

Step 4.2: Does any extension subscribe to Mobile WMS or Base -events?

Extensions can affect the system through event subscribers,

Check for any  

Open the "Event Subscriptions" -page by:

  • Adding ?page=9510 to your URL

Step 5: Is it isolated to one order or any order?

  • Is it a single document that cannot be processed?
  • Can you reproduce the issue by creating new documents? (Using a sandbox, step 3)

Step 6: Reproduce the issue in a "Sandbox" (copy of the production)

With a sandbox you can:

  • Avoid disrupting the customer's business
  • Change data to check whether the issue changes
  • Disable/Enable extensions and check if issue changes
  • Debug code, see Debugging Cloud sandbox  

Step 7: Troubleshoot perfomance using Profiler

See Performance Profiler (AL Profiler)

Also, when dealing with slow performance on BC Online, consider raising a Support Case with Microsoft, directly from Business Central.

See also