Headers defines a set of Fields the user can modify (headers are often used for filtering)

Also known as HeaderConfiguration-key

Headers are used for

Both Planned, Unplanned and Lookups functions use headers

  • Planned uses header filters to affects which Orders to display
  • Unplanned uses header fields to determine which Steps to collect
  • Lookups uses header filters to affects the lookup results

On the mobile device

  • Planned Functions starts with displaying list of Orders, then displaying Lines.
    • On a list of Orders, use the filter icon in the upper right hand corner of an change the filters

  • Unplanned Functions starts with displaying the Header fields (if one is used)
    • Then, based on the header fields, the subsequent Steps to collect, are determined.

Planned (Left) and Unplanned (right) headers

How to include or exclude Orders using filters on a Planned function

  • You can modify how the standard filters are handled.
  • Standard functions comes with their own filters.
    • The "Location" filter is common for all. 

How to have filter remain visible on open

By default the filter will be closed on opening the page.

Use the "automaticAcceptOnOpen" setting in Order List and Lookup to have the filter remain visible.  

How scanned values are filled in

Scanning Register with Encoded Barcode (GS1)

  • Values are automatically filled in, based on "AI"
  • Use the "eanAI" setting on Header Configuration  

Scanning basic barcode 

  • The first empty field from the top will receive the value
    • The currentselected field has no influence

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