How to create a new Header for Planned functions., in order to filter which documents to include (or exclude).

Creating new functionality

Creating a new Heade, is only needed when creating new custom functionality.

Perhaps you looking for filtering on existing standard headers?

Perhaps you would like to modify a standard header field?

Step 1 - Define Header and Filters 

Use the OnGetReferenceData_OnAddHeaderConfigurations to create your new header.

    // Step 1

    [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::CodeunitCodeunit::"MOB WMS Reference Data", 'OnGetReferenceData_OnAddHeaderConfigurations''', true, true)]
    local procedure OnGetReferenceData_OnAddHeaderConfigurations(var _HeaderFields: Record "MOB HeaderField Element")
        _HeaderFields.InitConfigurationKey('MyReceiptFilters')// New Header name to use instead of "ReceiveOrderFilters"

        // Add standard location filter - this is already handled in standard Receive

        // Add our new custom filter - this is declared fully. It is a Text field.
        _HeaderFields.Set_label('Doc. filter label:');


  • Note how helper-functions like Add_Location and Add_TextValue are used
  • There are many more to choose from

Press the filter icon to show the header filter

Receive Order filter

Put-away Order filter

Pick Order filter