The implementation process starts when an order has been placed for a new implementation at a customer.

The following steps are the highlevel activities that needs to be carried our.

  1. Enrollment of the Mobile Devices into the device management platform (MobiControl)
  2. Licensing of the Devices
  3. Installation of Mobile WMS in the ERP System 
  4. Configuration of the devices against the Test Environment (Recommended)
  5. Testing that the users can login and the the functionality is as intended

1. Device Enrollment

Once the order is placed, the Tasklet Factory Delivery Team will do the configuration in the device management to prepare it to receive the customers devices.

Once this is done, a ticket will be raised in the Service Desk with the partner contact as owner. That ticket will outline how to enroll the devices into MobiControl. The process should be strictly followed or we will not be able to push out Mobile WMS on the customers devices.

Once the devices are enrolled, we are ready to add Mobile WMS licenses to them to activate Mobile WMS.

Remember to update the support ticket, such that the Delivery Team can take action.

2. Device Licensing

The devices needs a Mobile WMS license in order for the Mobile WMS app to work properly. The delivery team will add the licenses once the devices has been enrolled as mentioned in the previous step.

The Delivery Team will create the licenses and push them to the devices to activate Mobile WMS.

3. Installation and Setup in the ERP System

Business Central: Installation Guide - Support Knowledge Base - Tasklet Factory Docs

Nav Follow the install guide from the University Platform that matches the customers environment 

4. Device Configuration

Once the installation in the ERP system is done, you need to share the SOAP URL in the Install Ticket on the service desk. You can fine the SOAP URL as outlined here: Web Service Configuration (1/10) - Support Knowledge Base - Tasklet Factory Docs

The tasklet team will then update the device configuration, such that you can try and login to BC/Nav from the Mobile WMS Application.

See here for details about how the device management system is used for device configuration: Usage of MobiControl Folders - Support Knowledge Base - Tasklet Factory Docs

5. Login and Test Processes

Since the devices have been configured, you are now ready to log in and test the processes.

Should you for some reason not be able to log in from the Mobile WMS application, then have a look at: I cannot log in from mobile device - Support Knowledge Base - Tasklet Factory Docs