Expected Usage

The license plate label is typically used in conjunction with Pack & Ship where the label is assigned a unique ID and used in these scenarios: 

  • Using the unique IDs is especially useful when picking directly into the boxes you intend to ship, i.e. a cardboard box
  • Staging of goods between picking and packing processes
  • Repacking picked goods to new packages and pallets 

Do not confuse this label with "License Plate Contents" which re-uses the Order List template to display multiple License Plates and their contents.

Address information used

Depending on the context from where the label is printed, it will contain different information.

Printed From Warehouse Pick:

  • Sender and sender address
  • Recipient and delivery address
  • License Plate ID

Printed from the main menu:

  • Sender and sender address
  • License Plate ID


  • To improve readability, license plate ID is split into four large characters and the rest smaller
  • License plate ID is also contained in a QR barcode
  • License plate ID can be up to 20 char in length

Size: 3" x 2"

Template Name: standard_lp_nav_qr_3x2_v2

The label on the left shows the data placeholders. The label on the right shows an example with real values.

Note how the ExtraInfo02-value is split into 4 large characters and the rest as smaller.


The label is based on this dataset

PathIncluded in barcodeComment




NoSeriesValuexBarcode value