This article outlines the major version lifecycle policies for Mobile WMS for Business Central (Cloud and On-Prem)

Every 6-month Microsoft will release a "major" version of Business Central, also known as "Wave 1" (April) and "Wave 2" (October).

  • This lifecycle policy is based on major versions.  See more: Version numbers in Business Central
  • In practice, this only affects On-prem installations, as cloud tenants receive a new major version every 6 months

What it means to be in an active lifecycle 

  • Both new features and bug fixes are released
  • Documentation is maintained

What it means to be out of lifecycle ❌

  • Features or bug fixes are no longer released
  • Documentation may no longer fully match the experience of this release

Policy rules

MS rule

  • 6 months of full support and 12 months with only bug fixes, for a total 18 months of support

Mobile WMS rule

  • Extend MS end date by 6 months for a total of 2 years of support


  • BC Cloud

    • A supported version of Mobile WMS is always available (our two years end date is longer than needed, as cloud production servers get a new major version every 6 months)

  • BC On-prem

    • You must upgrade BC every two years or you may not be able to install the new Mobile WMS releases

Rules overview

Major Version

MS End date

Original End date


Current End date


April 2020

April 2023 Extends MS by 3 years

❌ Retired-

14 -18

Oct.  2023

Oct.  2023 Same as MS

✅ Extended by 6 monthsApril 2024


April 2023

Oct.  2023 Extends MS by 6 months

✅ Extended by 6 months

April 2024


Oct.  2023

April 2024 Extends MS by 6 months

In Support

April 2024


April 2024

Oct.  2024 Extends MS by 6 months

In Support

Okt.  2024

Graphical overview

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