This is the configuration for the main menu of the app.

<page id="MainMenu" type="Menu" icon="icon">
      <menuItem id="Receive" displayName="Receive" icon="mainmenureceive"/>
      <menuItem id="BinContent" displayName="Bin Content" icon="mainmenubincontent"/>
  • <menuConfiguration> - Configuration for the Menu page type.
    • <menuItems> - Encloses all menu items. Notice, that menu items can be disabled on a user basis by the backend.
      • <menuItem>
        • id = "" - Unique menu item identifier. Needs to match the id of the page which it opens.
        • displayName = "" - Name to display below the icon in the main menu.
        • icon = "" - Reference to an image resource defined in the image configuration.
        • alwaysEnabled="" - Always show this icon on the menu. Very useful when if you don't want to use add a Mobile menu til ERP.