Modify the app. Add or Enable features

Use the Schema Validation

When editing config files, it is is highly recommended to Set up schema files for XML in Visual Studio

Handle configuration files and distribute changes 

Partners can change the configuration files using MobiControl, while developing new features.

  • Tasklet pushes new configurations using MobiControl
  • You must share modified files with Service Desk, so we can distribute the changes

Accessing MobiControl

Application.cfg file

This file defines:

  • Menu items
  • Pages and Actions
  • Workflows

When editing the Mobile WMS configuration file, you MUST enable schema validation for your editor. Set up schema files for XML in Visual Studio

Start.cfg file

This file defines:

  • Endpoint (Web Service URL)


Both files are located at 


When you remote control the mobile device you have two options. A web-based or a downloadable plug-in. Below you find examples of the two.

During development and you want to upload configuration files, you must choose the downloadable plug-in. 

  • Web-based - click on the file explorer on the right (marked in red on below image)

  • Downloadable plug-in

If the file explorer is not available you can open it by pressing CTRL+E or use the menu, see below image.

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