Use this event to

Add steps to be displayed at the mobile device when collecting values for each individual document line.


Steps at line level (collected for each individual line) requires a collectorConfiguration-Key to be declared in Reference Data.

This is unlike steps at header level, that allows steps to be declared directly in the OnGetShipOrderLines_OnAddStepsToWarehouseShipmentHeader event.

Line-level step are:

  • ..merged with existing workflow steps
  • ..declared as part of a collectorConfiguration-Key in Reference Data.
  • ..added by calling the Create_StepsByReferenceDataKey-function (Currently only once)
  • ..sorted by Id. Sorting can be changed using the <orderLineConfiguration><extraInformationConfiguration stepSorting="ById"/><orderLineConfiguration/> in mobile configuration.

(warning) Currently Mobile WMS supports only one (custom) referenced key per Order Line, meaning only one customization may subscribe to this event at any time. This single one subscriber must set a Key that includes all steps for all other intended subscribers as well. This can only be done by knowing other customizations are in place and manually create a new RegistrationCollectorConfigurationKey that includes all steps (this will improve in a future version).


    [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::CodeunitCodeunit::"MOB WMS Ship", 'OnGetShipOrderLines_OnAddStepsToWarehouseShipmentLine''', true, true)]
    local procedure OnGetShipOrderLines_OnAddStepsToWarehouseShipmentLine(_WhseShipmentLine: Record "Warehouse Shipment Line"; var _BaseOrderLineElement: Record "MOB NS BaseDataModel Element")

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    // [Example]: Add steps referenced by new RegistrationCollectorConfiguration-Key to line steps collectors
    [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::CodeunitCodeunit::"MOB WMS Ship", 'OnGetShipOrderLines_OnAddStepsToWarehouseShipmentLine''', true, true)]
    local procedure MyOnGetShipOrderLines_OnAddStepsToAnyLine(_WhseShipmentLine: Record "Warehouse Shipment Line"; var _BaseOrderLineElement: Record "MOB NS BaseDataModel Element")

    [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::CodeunitCodeunit::"MOB WMS Reference Data", 'OnGetReferenceData_OnAddRegistrationCollectorConfigurations''', true, true)]
    local procedure MyOnGetReferenceData_OnAddRegistrationCollectorConfigurations(var _Steps: Record "MOB Steps Element")

        _Steps.Set_header('Net Weight (Grams)');
        _Steps.Set_label('Net Weight (Grams):');
        _Steps.Set_helpLabel('Net Weight in Grams per Base Unit of Measure');


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