The Mobile WMS app can be used to register movements.


Movement Worksheet

The planned movements are typically generated as part of the replenishment process where items are moved from the storage area into the picking area.

In Business Central you use the Movement Worksheet to automatically calculate the movements needed to replenish the picking area.

The user can now use the "Create Movement" function to create move orders to be handled on the mobile device.

The movements are found here:

To locate the move order on the mobile device the user activates the "Move" function on the main menu.

Mobile: Move filter

The purpose of the filter is to limit the number of orders sent out to the mobile device. In the standard configuration the user can filter on:

  • Location
    The user can select a specific location or select All to see all locations

    The locations available to the user, correspond to the locations the user has been set up to use on the warehouse employee page in Business Central.
    The default location is the first entry in the list.

  • Assigned User ID
    Here the user can choose
    • All - to see everything
    • Only my orders - to see only orders assigned to them
    • Mine & Unassigned - default

      Note: It is possible for Partners to add/remove filters on this screen by using the Extension API.
      The filter can be opened at any time, on the order list screen, by clicking the filter icon in the top right corner.

Mobile: Move order list

Work process

The work process for handling movements is different from the other order types.

  • Since the items are being moved from one bin to another the user must validate both bins before the registration is completed.

Mobile: Take items (step 1/2)

  • Select an order to work on and download the order lines

  • Scan an item to select an order line and then verify the bin to move the item from

  • Enter the quantity to move

  • Finish the move or pick up another item

The Move process consists of two parts.

  1. Taking the item to move
  2. Placing the items

The purpose of this is to allow the user to pick up multiple items and delay the placement procedure.

The first line has now completed the "take" procedure, but before the registration is complete the user must also complete the "place" procedure.

The user can decide if he wants to take another item or finish the move of the first item first.

In the next step, the user has decided to finish the movement of the first item.

Mobile: Place items (step 2/2)

  • Scan the item again to select the order line and verify the bin where the item is placed

  • Enter the quantity to place

  • The move is complete
  • Repeat the process for the other order lines and finish the order by posting it

Note that from version MOB5.44:

  • It is possible to register multiple "from bins" and "to bins" during the move.
  • When the registrations are sent to Business Central the original move lines are automatically split.


Physical Inventory Recordings