The user has performed some registrations on the Mobile Device and when the posting is initiated it fails with the error "Posting Problem" and the Details "Unable to return a response for the request....".

The error message looks similar to the below:

The mobile device is waiting for a reply from the server on the posting request.

It will not let the end user post again, as this can cause inconsistency in the warehouse.


The proposed steps to troubleshoot is the following:

  1. Go to the Mobile Document Queue List, see Troubleshoot ERP Communication - Support Knowledge Base - Tasklet Factory Docs
  2. Find the request that is mentioned by the Request Id in the error message and check if the status of the request is in the "Processing" state.
  3. If the Request is in the "Processing" state, you have the option to select the line and click on "Process" → "Process Documents" in the menu above the list.

It is of course important that you only do this for a document that have not been processed before, especially if the document is a posting Request.

Once the document is processed, the line should end in the Completed state and the order lines that you tried to post from the mobile device should now have been posted and the Mobile Device should also be updated accordingly.