When posting an unplanned item registration, the application will support new steps returned as part of the posting response. It comes in two flavors.

  • Posting from an already opened registration collector. Requires app version 1.5.7
  • Posting from the header with useRegistrationCollector="auto". Reguires app version 1.5.9.


Android App version 1.5.9

Currently this is only available on Unplanned Item Registration and Lookup -pages with a registration collector/steps. 

Post - Append steps

When posting from a registration collector on an Unplanned Item Registration or Lookup page, new steps can be returned that will be appended to the current registration collector.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/Dynamics/Mobile/2007/04/Documents/Response" messageid="26A6D333-A724-41B3-97A9-7C1FCAC0CEDD" status="Completed">
  <description />
  <responseData xmlns="http://schemas.taskletfactory.com/MobileWMS/BaseDataModel">
    <registrationCollectorConfiguration xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/Dynamics/Mobile/2007/04/Documents/Response">        
        <add id="10" name="FromBin" inputType="Text" header="@{RegistrationCollectorFromBinHeader}" label="'{FromBin}'" defaultValue="{FromBin}" helpLabel="@{RegistrationCollectorFromBinHelpLabel}" optional="false" primaryInputMethod="Scan"/>
        <add id="20" name="ToBin" inputType="Text" header="@{RegistrationCollectorToBinHeader}" label="'{ToBin}'" defaultValue="{ToBin}" helpLabel="@{RegistrationCollectorToBinHelpLabel}" optional="false" primaryInputMethod="Scan" />
        <add id="31" name="ExpirationDate" inputType="Date" header="@{RegistrationCollectorExpirationDateHeader}" label="Expiration Date" optional="false" helpLabel="@{RegistrationCollectorExpirationDateHelpLabel}"/>

New steps appended

The steps returned will be appended to the current registration collector and the first newly added step will be the active step. The steps will be grouped by the post they where returned by.

Notice that only the steps will be added to the current registration collector. This means that other configuration returned like e.g scanBehaviourWhenRegisteringQuantity defined on the registrationCollectorConfiguration, will not affect the registration collector.

Changes in previous steps - Removal of steps

If a change is being made in a step, then all steps after that step will be removed if they have been added by another post or in other words belongs to another group.

Post - New message id

When posting again a new messageid will be created every time.

Common usage

  • As an alternative to collecting a value in the Header, which determines what other Steps to collect. You can collect the value as a Step and based on the value then append the appropriate steps 
  • As an alternative to Linked Steps (linkedElement and linkColumn)