Printing labels is an essential task in any warehouse using barcode scanners

The integration to Cloud Print Service seamlessly combines data from Business Central, Mobile WMS with an online label designer.

See Cloud Print Service for more information.

Physical Zebra printer installation (not covered in this guide)

When you purchase a cloud print license and printer from Tasklet, you are guided on how to physically set up your new printer.

Setting up Cloud Print Service in Business Central

Step 1 - Generate a standard setup

  • Go to "Mobile Print Setup"
    • This page contains the general setup

  • Click “Create Standard Setup” to generate the base setup
    • This will create:

      • Default Label-Templates
      • Connection URL
      • Connection Tenant

Step 2 - Enter credentials

  • Username and Password
    • Cloud Print Service requires a separate license
      Please contact Tasklet Factory Sales to purchase a license and get account information

  • Tenant
    • <TenantNameHere> - A unique to you
    • "COMMONBC" - A shared tenant. This is used if you do not need to create new templates

Step 3 - Insert Mobile Printers

  • Go to "Mobile Print Setup" and click "Printers"
    • This page contains the physical printers that you have access to
  • Click Name to insert a new printer
    • Network/Wi-Fi connected devices are identified with IP-address
      • Wi-Fi is much preferred over cabled network or Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth connected devices are identified via MAC-address
      • Do not “pair” any devices

  • Select the correct DPI-setting for each printer
    • The DPI can be found in the technical documentation or Supported Printers
      • If incorrect, labels will scale incorrectly

  • (optional) Select a Location
    • This will make the printer only available when handling Orders and Lines for this Location

Step 4 - Review / Set up label templates

  • Go to "Mobile Print Setup" and click "Templates"
    • This page contains templates (designs) that you have access to

  • On this page you can:
    • Disable unused templates
    • Create your own design (Copy Template)
    • Limit printers to only specific templates (Assign Printers and the Available To-column)
    • Set No. Series so labels gets numbered, e.g. License Plates -label

(Optional) Step 5 - Assign Templates to Printers

This step is only relevant if you use multiple printers and multiple labels.

  • A "label template" represents a label designed for a specific size of label i.e.  4x6-inch.
  • Label templates should only be assigned to printers that supports the label size the template has been designed for.

You can assign:

  • Printer to Templates
    • Go to "Mobile Print Setup" and click "Templates" and Click  "Assign Printers"
  • Templates to Printers
    • Go to "Mobile Print Setup" and click "Printer" and Click  "Assign Templates"


(Optional) Step 6 - Print on mobile actions

The step is only relevant if you want to automatically print labels when certain actions are performed on mobile.

  • Print on Sales Order Pick
    • Template to print when mobile user posts picked item, directly on sales orders

  • Print on Warehouse Shipment Post
    • Template to print when mobile user posts warehouse shipment
    • Separate labels will be printed for each source documents, if multiple exists

Step 7 - Verify setup

You should now be able to print a label and verify the setup is correct.

See Verify Cloud Print Setup