I want our users to be able to modify some settings on the scanners without having to go into Admin Mode.


Soti has devolved an app "Settings Manager" that can be pushed to their scanner, and in it, various settings can be made available to the device users that they can then change as they see fit.

In the app, these are the groups of settings that can be made available:

Expand to see what specific settings can be made available in each category:

In Display, the user can get access to any of these settings:

In Sound, the user can get to control the levels for:

In Wi-Fi, the user can be permitted to add a new Wi-Fi connection manually, scan for local networks, connect to saved networks, or turn Wi-Fi on the scanner off and on :

Under Bluetooth, the user can be permitted to turn Bluetooth on and off, make the device visible over Bluetooth, connect to Bluetooth and scan for other Bluetooth devices, and pair with them.

Any settings shown in the examples above can be disabled or enabled as they may be needed, so the device user will only ever have access to whichever settings they need to be able to access.

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