1. Scope

The result of the project is that Tasklet Factory’s standard version of Mobile WMS is fully 
functional. Tasklet Mobile WMS is installed on a number of handheld mobile computers, connected to the customer´s 
ERP system.

In order to achieve this a number of activities are carried out by (Partner, Customer and Tasklet Factory).

These activities are outlined in below Work Breakdown Structure.

2. Work Breakdown Structure

2.1 Preparation (Partner)

  1. A sandbox environment is needed for testing, the partner or customer is responsible for preparing this. It is best practice to set this up using a recent copy of the live system to get a realistic test.
  2. Include the Tasklet Modules (6182280 Tasklet Factory Mobile Base, 6182290 Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS) in the customers license
  3. The Mobile Devices need to be (purchased and) on site.

2.2 ERP Installation (Partner)

  1. Install the Objects / App according to the installation guide Service Desk ticket
  2. Setup the configurations according to the installation guide and Service Desk ticket
  3. Share the endpoint in the Service Desk ticket

2.3 Mobile Device Configuration

  1. Configure the Device Management Platform (SOTI) to be ready for the customer (Tasklet Factory)
  2. Share the enrollment Guide and ID in the Service Desk ticket (Tasklet Factory)
  3. Enroll the device(s) according to the shared guide (Customer or Partner)
  4. License and finalize the configuration of the devices (Tasklet Factory)

2.3 User Training and Test (Partner)

  1. Prepare end user training
  2. Conduct end user training
  3. Test Warehouse Processes with the End User
  4. Adjust according to the customer feedback
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