Minimum Requirements

  • Mobile WMS extension MOB5.22
  • Business Central 2022 release wave 1 (BC20)

Standard Business Central logs telemetry of each request from a mobile device as an incoming web service call, but with very limited details of each request.

They are all logged with the Event ID of RT0008 and details can be found here:

Mobile WMS has added custom telemetry to both enable detailed statistics and assist troubleshooting for partners and Tasklet.

The following custom events are being logged:


Telemetry from
Mobile WMS version

ALMOB2000A mobile document request has been received and processed without any error5.42
ALMOB2001A mobile document request has been received and processed resulting in an error5.42

A mobile document request has been received and processed and a ForceWarning has been returned to the user to confirm if the transaction should be completed. 

If the user confirms the warning, a new ALMOB2000 or ALMOB2001 will be logged.



The Mobile Setup table has been changed.

Both the current content of all fields and the xRec values of modified fields are logged.


To track whether selected parts of Mobile WMS are Discovered or Set up or Used or Undiscovered, the following functional areas are being tracked:

EventIDDescriptionTelemetry from
Mobile WMS version
ALMOB1000Package No. implementation (Standard Mobile WMS)5.42
ALMOB1001Package No. implementation (None/Customization)5.42
ALMOB1010Pack & Ship Feature5.42
ALMOB1020Mobile Print Feature5.42

Recommendations to limit increased cost of telemetry

The cost of telemetry is determined on the volume of telemetry data your application sends (data ingestion) and how long time you want data to be available (data retention).

To avoid redundant information in Application Insights you can skip the generic incoming web service calls to Mobile WMS and only keep the detailed custom entries.

This can be done by creating a Data Collection Rule for the AppTraces table in the related Log Analytics Workspace specifying the following filters in the Transformation Editor:

| where
(Properties.eventId != "RT0008") or
(Properties.endpoint != 'MobileDocumentService')

This excludes generic web service calls from Mobile WMS but keeps everything else - including the detailed custom ALMOB2000 to ALMOB2002 logs for mobile document requests.

If you on the other hand would like to exclude all custom telemetry logged by Mobile WMS you could create this Data Collection Rule:

| where
(Properties.eventId !startswith_cs "ALMOB")

For more information: