Label templates can be modified to create custom label designs 

You should use built-in Help/Manual in the cloud designer as your primary source for learning (top right-hand corner).

Tip: Use a standard label as a starting point

The Standard Label Template Designs offers to:

  • Print multiple labels from one Dataset
  • Concatenate values for GS1 barcodes
  • Work out-of-the-box

See How-to: Add/Copy a label template

Tip: Save only when you are done - Undo if needed

The recommended workflow is:

  • Make a backup with "save as"
  • Preview your change
  • CTRL + Z/Y to undo/redo
  • Save only when you are done

Tip: Do NOT drag elements. Select and change the properties 

To make the label able to dynamically adjust based on data, most elements are positioned dynamically and thus relative to each other.

If you drag an element, you will change its positioning from Dynamic to Fixed.

Instead you should:

  • Double click the element / select it from Layout
  • Use Containers, flow direction, and Margins settings to adjust the position 

Tip: How to utilize Text Wrapping, Container Flow Direction, and Fixed width 

In this example, we will create a bold header and regular value, kept together and on a single line.

This will introduce you to 

  • Text Wrapping
  • Container flow direction
  • Text element dimensions mode

The result

How to set it up

Change the following settings:


Parent container

Change "Flow direction" to Row 

Text value element

Turn "Wrap" off

Change "Dimensions" to Fixed

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