• The most widely used page type for customization.
  • Can display and register information
  • Displays data is in one level
  • The header contains search filters for the lines displayed
  • Collector steps are dynamically received from back-end 


The header defines the Input field(s) in on the top of the screen.

This is defined in "Reference data" and therefor static since it is sent out only one time, during log-on.


Processing happens when:

  1. Accept button is pressed.
  2. Page Open (if "automaticAcceptOnOpen" is defined)

Resulting in either

  • "GetRegistrationConfiguration" request to get a collector steps 
    • OR 
  • "PostAdhocRegistration" to post the data collected in the header

This depends on the "useRegistrationCollector" property.

Page Configuration

  • Page id = A unique name i.e. "MyUnplannedProcess"

    • Type 
      • Name of the process to run, i.e. "UnplannedCount" or "MyUnplannedProcess"

    • UseRegistrationCollector
      • True : Will request Steps with "GetRegistrationConfiguration" 
      • False: Post the data from the header - no additional steps 
      • Auto: If a registration collector configuration is returned in the post call, then the registration collector will be displayed. See Return steps on Post
    • Header
      • configurationKey: The key used to locate the header configuration in the reference data.
      • automaticAcceptOnOpen: Defines if the values in the header should be automatically accepted. Formerly known as updateOnActivate.
      • automaticAcceptAfterLastScan: Accept values in header when all non optional fields have been filled in. WIll only trigger when values are scanned.
      • clearAfterPost: Clears any header fields if their clearOnClear attribute is set to true

    • OnSuccessfulPost
      • refreshOnSuccess: Refresh the calling page, when completed successfully 
      • close: Close the current page, and let the app go back to the previous page.

    • NavigateTo 
      • Navigate to an other page referenced by the id of the new page.


    • GetRegistrationConfiguration: Get the registration configuration/ collector steps (optional).
    • PostAdhocRegistration: Submit the registration . Post the registration.

XML Request
<page id="UnplannedMove" type="UnplannedItemRegistration" icon="mainmenumove-unplanned">
  <unplannedItemRegistrationConfiguration type="UnplannedMove">
    <header configurationKey="UnplannedMoveHeader" clearAfterPost="true" />
    <onSuccessfulPost close="true"/>