In here you will find general setup steps that may be needed to get the most out of your Zebra printer

Q: When I print I am getting several labels out with garbage data?

A: Your printer isn't set to run ZPL device language. 

The printer must be set to use "ZPL" language

Go to devices Language in the Zebra Print utility app

Set printer to XML and ZPL under Set Device Language.

Q: Whenever I print a label I get multiple blank labels together with the label I want.

Q: Whenever I print a label it is misaligned and parts of the label is missing. 

A: Your printers Media Settings is causing issues and the printer therefor doesn't know when to stop and start the print.

The printer must be set to use the relevant media, either Black mark/"Bar" or "Gap".

 In the Zebra Print utility app go to media settings:

To modify the settings tap on Media Settings

Set the width and length of the label and make sure it is set to label/tag

Set the Media Type to what matches the media being used and set Media Handling to tear off

After this hit apply and the printer will then restart.

Q: The label is dim or streaky and hard to read.

A: If there is any issues with the print quality then you can adjust the speed if the print is streaky and darkness if the print is faded.

Both Speed and Darkness can be set trough the Zebra Print utility app, go to "Print Quality".

From here you can either choose to manually adjust or use the apps assistant.

In manual adjust you can set the values yourself and find the right settings with the print sample label.