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In this video, we will make a copy an existing label-template

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In this video, we will copy a label-template for the Cloud Print Solution.
We call them label-templates as they are known as "templates" in the cloud designer.

The system comes with a set of standard label designs that you can choose from. (Vis dem)

If you want to modify the design or the label or create a new one, the best way, by far, is to create a copy of an existing standard label-template.

Because, this way, you get a working label with support for "Number of copies", GS1 barcodes, and often available space and placeholders, for adding any additional data that you would like to display on your label.

Let's go to Business Central. Mobile Print Setup. Select Templates. Choose a template. I want to base my label on the 3x2 Item Label.
Select Copy template, and enter a name.

Now, to see the new copy. We select "Open in Designer". Login, and select tenant.

And the label is opened right up.