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When attempting to log in to Mobile WMS from a mobile device, an error message is shown.


Table of Contents

Troubleshooting connection

Step 1

Step 2

Test the connection to the web service by entering the URL in a browser on the mobile device browser

You should see a login screen

  1. Log in
  2. You see a WSDL like below = Success: Try logging on
  3. You see an Error message = Failure: Go to the "Known Error Messages" section

Common Setup Issues

  1. If mobile devices are using Android OS,ensure that NTLM is enabled on the NAV service tier.
  2. The NAV SOAP Service Tier network Port must be open for the mobile devices to accces (default port 7047 but verify exact number in NAV!) - also, remember that even though a port is not blocked on the NAV server itself, the mobile devices can be connected to a "less secure" WiFi, where almost everything is blocked by default, so ensure free line of communication from mobile device to NAV server. 
  3. Disable any Software firewall on the Server (Note: should only be done for test purposes - after connection has been established, only specific port(s) used by mobile devices should be opened in firewall!)
    1. This includes Windows Firewall.
  4. If you are using a server name in the soap URL (i.e. https://mynavserver:5588) then DNS name resolution from WiFI to NAV server network must be available and working. If not, you can try substituting the server name with the IP address of the server (i.e.

  5. Verify that the user is created in NAV both as a Mobile User and that the user is added to a Mobile Group (see installation guide for help on how to do this.)

Known error messages

Find the error message and solution below and make sure you try the troubleshooting steps bellow

See also: Error Messages if you are running Business Central.

The username, password and domain combination is invalid


  • Missing NTLM authentication 
    • Activate NTLM on the NAV Service Tier

  • Incorrect login credentials
    • Type the correct Username/Password 
    • Consider whether Domain shouldbe empty

The user "domain\user" could not be found as a valid mobile user


  • This user can access the web service. But is a Mobile User.
    1. Insert the user on the Page "Mobile Users"
    2. Include the user in a Mobile Group on the page "Mobile Groups"

An error occured while sending the request Error: NameResolutionFailure


Unable to connect to the remote server  No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


Internal Server Error: Details: Service "CompanyName/Codeunit/MobileDocumentService" was not found!


  • Your Business Central user does not have the correct Permission Set assigned

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


  • Close and re-open the Mobile WMS -app

  • You have an invalid setup of "Mobile Language" and "Mobile Messages" in NAV/BC
    • See Installation Guide 
      • or
    • Create the Mobile Language: "ENU"
    • Select "Create message"
    • Assign the language to your "Mobile Users" 

  • You are using AAD authentication and have an error in start.cfg - See AAD section 

"Getting reference data failed. Server response: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavXmlCData variable not initialized."


  • You have an invalid setup of "Mobile Groups"
    • See Installation Guide
    • Go to "Mobile Groups" and add your users

An error occurred while sending the request Error: ConnrectFailure (Connection refused)


  • The service tier is not running on the server
    • Start it
    • Go to the Connection Troubleshooting section

This page isn't working HTTP ERROR 401


  • You are connecting to a HTTPS endpoint
  • You are using a device running Android 4.4 
    • Set "allowSelfSignedCertificates" in start.cfg

Error when Deserializing the response

Name cannot begin with the ' ' charactor hexadecimal value 0xA0. Line 1, position 6


  • You are using an older version of Mobile WMS where the object Codeunit 99999 ANSI <-> ASCII converter is faulty.

  • Make the following change

On my hosting platform "User Name" does not match "Windows User Name"


Some providers (i.e. 1ClickFactory) offers to change the "User Name" to match the "Full Name" rather than the "Windows User Name"
Currently Mobile WMS requires that the (NAV) "User Name" and "Windows User Name" fully match (excluding domain).

Have your provider change this.

  • User name should be 
    • Windows User name
    • The full Email-address (Only 1ClickFactory)

  • Use "Full Name" for the actual persons name.

Error: SSL certificate failed "TrustFailure (A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception":  


  • This means that the SSL certificate might have expired.
    • Contact the host of your network and see if the SSL certificate is expired on your server.  
      • If it has expired, you will need to apply a new certificate that not expired and restart the service tier. 

Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication

Bad Request

This could be the result of the Redirect URI being incorrectly set to "Web"

Setting up Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication

The reason phrase must not contain new-line characters


The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application

Message: AADSTS50011


The application '...' (Mobile WMS) has not been authorized in the tenant

Message: AADSTS90099


"Mobile WMS keeps stopping"

The Mobile WMS Version is too old and does not support Azure AD.


  • Upgrade Mobile WMS (minimum 1.5.0)

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


  • There is a format problem in Start.cfg
    • The <endpoint> element should encapsulate the <azureConfiguration> element.

"No such host is known"


  • Validate that the SOAP URL works in browser, follow Step 2.

"Internal server error"

This can mean a variety of things.

If you are using Device Licenses for the users, check the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and make sure the Device Users Group have been created and that users have been added to the particular group;