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You must install the main Mobile WMS extension before you extend it.

Here are your options:

Use Saas/Cloud:

Install the latest version from AppSource marketplace

or use Docker / On-Prem:

Download latest .App from University

Also: Source Code (good to have)

  • Download latest Per-Tenant App This will give you full view of the source code for reference / inspiration / copying.
    Dont deploy the PTE unless you want to "own" all the source code (NOT recommended, cannot be updated)


When using Docker container it is recommended to specifically deploy to DevEndPoint. If no endpoint is specified, the ProdEndPoint will be used.

This may cause issues if you deploy older versions of you app as app files, but build and deploy newer version from VS Code.

VS Code will publish to DevEndPoint by default, and you will not be able to upgrade old Mobile WMS build if app and your code is not at same Tenant.

Verify the app has been installed

Verify the Mobile WMS Extension with version 5.0 or highter higher is installed.