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Error Message



"Profile Update Failed: Error Details:
Internal Server Error"

The Mobile Document Type does not exist.
Identification fields and values: Document Type='GetLocalizationData'

A new Mobile Document Type has been added called "GetLocalizationData"

Make sure you perform point 4.4 "Setup document types" in the installation guide.

Open the “Mobile WMS Setup” Page and click Actions -> “Create Document Types”

Your program license does not allow you to publish 'MOB Print Setup'

Please make sure you have downloaded an updated license for BC, from PartnerSource.

Check the license includes both these modules:

  • 6181280 Tasklet Factory Mobile Base
  • 6181290 Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

Your program license does not allow you to publish 'MOB Ns Resp Buffer'

The license file is missing "ISV Insert rights".

In the very last step when creating the License, you have to set this to YES.
Default is NO.

AL0185, Extension Compilation Failed

[Object] ...does not exist in the current context

[Object] ...for the extension object is not found

[Object] missing

This is a symptom of symbols for has not been generated in your database.

Perhaps you are using a hybrid On-Prem installation where CAL changes have been made.

See link - Way two, command:

Code Block
finsql.exe Command=generatesymbolreference, Database=<DatebaseName>, ServerName=<ServerName>\<Instance>
The property 'ExtendedDatatype' can only be set if the the property 'Type' is set with any of the values of ...

You may be deploying to an unsupported Platform 13 version.
See System Requirements.

Solution: Upgrade to platform 13.5 (BC13 CU5)

System Requirements BC

failed to compile.Extension compilation failedobjects/Codeunit/,32): error AL0133: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Record TempBlob' to 'var Codeunit "Temp Blob"'

A version of Mobile WMS Compatible with the next release of Business Central has not been deployed to the customers tenant.

A package with publisher 'Microsoft', name 'System', and a version compatible with '' could not be loaded. Symbols for the requested app Application by Microsoft 13.0.0
.0 could not be found in the database
This is a symptom that symbols for AL development has not been generated in your database.

You need to complete your upgrade.

You might be missing step task 12 in this guide:

error AL1024: A package with publisher 'Microsoft', name 'Application', and a version compatible with '' could not be loaded. Symbols for the requested app Application by Microsoft 13.0.0
.0 could not be found in the database

This is a symptom that symbols for AL development has not been generated in your database.

Common troubleshooting regarding this topic is very well explained in the following Blog posts:

AL0104, AL0183, AL0198, AL0183

Syntax error, '}' expected
Unexpected character ' '
Expected one of the application object keywords

You are running a BC version earlier than the supported 13.5

Please upgrade to a supported version

The application extension with app id 'a5727ce6-368c-49e2-84cb-1a6052f0551c' is already configured for use by the global tenant.

You are trying to publish an app to SaaS with the same GUID as our AppSource app.
Only Tasklet can publish an app to SaaS with this GUID.

When installing in SaaS you should simply install via AppSource Marketplace

See also Installation Guide.

Download from

Receive error: The Bin does not exist. Identification fields and values: Location Code='XXX', Code=''

You may be posting a receipt setup for Cross-Docking, but with no "Cross-Dock Bin Code" populated at the location.

Populate the Location."Cross-Dock Bin Code" field or disable Location."Use Cross-Docking" for the location.

If you enabled Cross-Docking you must recreate existing Warehouse Receipts (or manually update Warehouse Receipt Lines Cross-Dock Bin Codes) for the location setup change to take effect.

Internal Error Invalid language ID SuppliedYou are missing "Windows Language ID" in the standard BC "Language" table.

The requested operation cannot be performed in this context

Please check the "Mobile Document Types" setup Page.

Ensure that the correct "Processing Codeunit ID" is set up for the "Document Type "involved in the transaction. (The "Document Type" can be found in the "Mobile Dokument Queue" Page)

Sorry, the current permissions prevented the action. (TableData MOB Setup Read: Mobile WMS)

Different versions got different variants of the above.

After a new installation:

The user needs the MOBWMSUSER permissions set. Please add it the user for all or the current company.

After an update to version 5.40 or 5.41 using BC21 or newer:

The upgrade code in version 5.40 and 5.41 did not handle the change of scope for the MOBWMSUSER permission set if it was included in a different permission set. You will therefor need to find the permissions sets including MOMWMSUSER and delete the inclusion and include it again pointing to the MOMWMSUSER user with the new scope.

The problem has been solved from version 5.42 but you will need to solve it manually if you installed 5.40 or 5.41.

Posting Errors


Document Type

Error Message

Possible Solution


and others

Order posted successfully.
But error occurred afterwards:
Report 'SomeReport' (ID 1234) is set to print
from a background session (server-side).

This is not supported in Business Central Online. in event: "OnPostPickOrder_OnAfterPostAnyOrder"

The error is caused by custom code that attempts to perform Report.Print() to the printername, which does not exist.

Write code to check the printer name is correct.


Sorry, the current permissions prevented the action.
(TableData Prod. Order Component Read: Base Application)

The user has a non-Premium license (i.e. Essential license).

There are Records in the Prod. Order Component -table.

During Receive, Cross Docking (base code, not Tasklet) will access this table.

Is has to be empty for non-Premium uses to post Warehouse Receipts.

receivePostReceiveOrderYou are not allowed to register multiple bins on Receive orders.

Splitting of purchase lines is not supported by NAV/BC (only one bin can be registered on the mobile device).

Workaround: See You are not allowed to register multiple bins on Receive orders

You are not allowed to register multiple bins on Receive orders
PutAwayPostPutAwayOrderQty. to Handle must not be Qty. Outstanding in Warehouse Activity Line Activity Type='Put-away',No.='PU000004',Line No.='20000'.

You may be posting more than 14 different LotNo/SerialNo/ToBin to the same Warehouse Activitity Line. Renumbering activity lines during putaway posting with SplitLine is not supported until standard BC build 13.5.29483.0 and MOB5.11.

Workaround: Never scan and register more than 14 different LotNo/SerialNo/ToBin at the same orderline at the mobile device at the same time. Instead, register the ~10-14 order lines you have scanned, then repeat to scan the next batch of lines.

Solution: Update to standard application 13.5 (or newer) with MOB5.11 (or newer).

Runtime Errors


Document Type

Error Message

Possible Solution


PostingBulk Move and more

Whse. Document No. must be equal to 'Txxxxx'  in Warehouse Journal Line: Journal Template Name=RECLASS,
Journal Batch Name=DEFAULT,
Location Code=WHITE,
Line No.=10000.
Current value is 'HANDHELD'

Remove the number series from the Template Batch.

Go to "Warehouse Journal Templates" 
Select your Templates i.e. "Reclass"

Go to action "Related" > "Template" > "Batches"
Select field "No. Series" 
Remove the value.
Fixed in version MOB5.41


Getting Reference data failed. Server response: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavXmlCData variable not initialized

The current Mobile User is not associated with any Mobile Group.

GetAnyUnable to convert from Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavInteger to System.String

New Accessor Tables doesn't work on BC 13.0 platform due to FldRef.Value() function working differently on the old platform.

Solution: Either (1) Upgrade to platform 14 (or newer) (2) Upgrade to MOB5.11 (or newer) (3) manually modify code:_
codeunit 6181382 MOB NS Element

    local procedure GetValueByFieldNo(var RecRef: RecordRef; FieldNo: Integer)Text
        NewFieldRef: FieldRef;
        ValueText: Text;
        NewFieldRef := RecRef.Field(FieldNo);
        ValueText := format(NewFieldRef.Value());


No document hander is available for Lookup::Attachments.


Empty Register Images Reference ID field.

Register Images and Attachment actions are included in Mobile App version 1.5.0+.

But you need Mobile WMS Extension v.5.17+ to use these features.


A call to System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo failed with this message: Positive number required. Parameter name: culture

You are missing "Windows Language ID" in the standard BC "Language" table.

Planned to fix for MOB5.25 or later.

UnplannedUnplanned MoveThere is not MOB NS Request Element within the filter. Filters: Name: NewLocation

You have changed the setting "Unplanned Count Warning".

When changing this, you have to Log out and Log in again due the change is in Reference Data which gets loaded on login.
DoUnplanned Cont Warning

PermissionsAnyYou do not have the following permissions on TableData Warehouse Receipt Header : Modify To view details about your permissions, see Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server sessions ID: "xx".

You are using Device SL for BC.

We do not sell Device SL. It is something that the partner buys and configures.

Please follow the link for reference to how to set this up:
Specifically: Look at the sections from The Device License and forward where the setup is outlined.

WebserviceAnyParameter mobileUserID in method ProcessRequest in service MOB_WS_Dispatcher is null!

The default webservice created during Tasklet Mobile WMS installation has been changed or renamed. Service has to be named MobileDocumentService.

WebserviceAnyThe metadata object CodeUnit 0 was not found.

Problem was is by not having the standard WMS group and not running the Create Document Types action on Mobile WMS Setup after having created bespoke groups.

Run the "Create Document Types" action on Mobile WMS Setup. 

PostingAnyPosting Problem: A problem arose when trying to post the order. Retyr now or try again later. Error details:Request Entity Too Large

The server rejected the mobile response.

Increase the "Max message size" on the Service Tier

PostingProduction ConsumptionHandled must not be No in Mobile WMS Registration Type='Production Consumption',Order No.='xxxx',Line No.='10000',Registration No.='1'

<errorCallStack>"MOB WMS Production Consumption"(CodeUnit 6181403).PostProdConsumption line 90 - Mobile WMS by Tasklet Factory\"MOB WMS Production Consumption"(CodeUnit 6181403).OnRun(Trigger) line 19 - Mobile WMS by Tasklet Factory\"MOB Document Processor"(Report 6181271).ProcessDocumentWebService line 16 - Mobile WMS by Tasklet Factory\"MOB Document Management"(CodeUnit 6181276).ProcessDocumentWebService line 10 - Mobile WMS by Tasklet Factory\"MOB WS Dispatcher"(CodeUnit 6181280).ProcessRequest line 58 - Mobile WMS by Tasklet Factory\</errorCallStack>
  1. Registrations were made on Mobile
  2. Prod. Order Component Lines were modified in the meantime
  3. Orphaned registrations cannot be posted

To resolve the issue:

  • Process the Order from BC Webclient
  • Delete the "Profiles" folder on Mobile to get rid of any orphaned registrations

WebserviceLogin/AnyFunction ID -1164226044 was called. The object with ID 8703 does not have a member with that ID.

First, try to uninstall and unpublish "Mobile WMS" extension and then re-deploy and Install.

If this does not work, then use the Repair-NAVApp command from PowerShell.

Repair-NAVApp -ServerInstance 'MY_INSTANCE' -Name 'Mobile WMS' -Version