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A Shared Block



Planned functions uses Header/Lines and includes actions for posting, viewing registrations and "order locking"

Planned functions

  • Receive
  • Put-away
  • Pick
  • Ship
  • Move
  • Count
  • Assembly
  • Production

Key points


Each order can have multiple Order Lines


Workflows defines the Steps.

Workflows are stored directly in the Mobile Configuration Files, but somewhat configurable from the backend using Order Lines GetOrderLines Response

  • ValidateToBin
  • ValidateFromBin
  • RegisterLotNumber
  • RegisterSerialNumber
  • and many more..


You can customize the existing functionality or create your own Planned function.

Document Flow


The document type name


is shown (parantheses)

  1. A list of Orders are displayed. (GetOrders)
    User selects an order.

    1. (Optional) Mobile user edits the Header to search for a desired Order.
    2. Mobile user selects an order

  2. Lock the selected order (LockOrder)

  3. List of Order Lines from the selected order are displayed. (GetOrderLines)

    1. User selects a line.

  4. Collector Steps are displayed (Device can go Offline now)
    User completes the steps

  5. The user is returned to the Order Lines (Still offline)
    User "Posts" (If done) (PostOrder)

  6. Unlock the selected order (UnLockOrder)

    The user is returned to Step 1

Mobile Configuration

Page types

Planned functions always uses two pages, called "OrderList" and "OrderLines".

Children Display

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