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New Feature
[NTW-930]Search: Events support for "Search" function in Header fields - Link to Documentation
[NTW-2073]Bin Content: New action to Print directly from Bin Content - (Requires new application.cfg file -
[NTW-2134]Language: Added new Mobile Languages: HR and LV - (May require update of Mobile Language file on devices)
[NTW-2145]Pack & Ship: Improved message after Synchronizing Package Type
[NTW-2156]Device specifics and capabilities have been added - Requires Mobile App Version 1.8.1 to access full functionality

[NTW-2184]Pack & Ship - Allow Tote Per = Destination No., Source No. and Whse. Document No.

[NTW-1918]Docs: Updated OnlineValidation for Planned Steps/Workflow steps - Link to Documentation
[NTW-2132]Docs: Updated How-to: Create custom Lookup Function - Link to Documentation
[NTW-2147]New event OnPostAdhocRegistrationOnBulkMove_OnSetFilterBinContent - Link to Documentation

[NTW-1967]Locate Item & Bin Content: Item Tracking was not shown correct in certain Item Tracking Configurations
[NTW-2105]Receive: Error "Qty. to Receive (Base) must be an integer because Item 'x’ is set up to use SN Specific Tracking." occured due to a rounding issue when "Use Base Unit of Measure" was enabled on "Mobile WMS Setup"
[NTW-2107]Receive: Only one warehouse reciept shown when filtering, even if PO is on multiple Receipts
[NTW-2129]Pack & Ship: using '-' in Shipping Agent Code result in blank Package Type list shown on device.
[NTW-2141]Print Label: Expiration Date over 2030 not formatted correctly
[NTW-2142]Unplanned Move: "Show available quantity on unplanned move" do not follow regional setting from Mobile WMS User language
[NTW-2146]Helper RequestValues.Get_ToteID() do not correctly support case "toteId" as used in OnlineValidation / ValidateToteID ("There is no MOB NS Request Element with the Name: ToteId")
[NTW-2153]ValidateToteID does not work if both Mobile WMS 5.41 or newer is installed combined with separate Pack & Ship extension
[NTW-2154]Phys. Invt. Recording: "The record in table Phys. Invt. Record Line already Exists.  Order No = xxxx Recording No. = y, Line No = zzzzz"
[NTW-2157]Lookup LocateItem: Available Quantity for BinContent is currently not supporting standard events to modify calculation
[NTW-2178]Package Tracking / Count: Transferring registrations to "Physical Inventory Journal" would calculate incorrect "Qty. (Calculated)" when using Package Tracking[NTW-2184]Pack & Ship - Allow Tote Per = Destination No., Source No. and Whse. Document No.
[NTW-2188]Count: When working with Physical Inventory Journals, Item Tracking and Location Without Bin Mandatory. Item Tracking would not be registered correct
[NTW-2189]Adjust Quantity: "GetValueByName(): There is not MOB NS Request Element with the Name: Bin" error would occur on Location without Bin Mandatory