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Install Guide

Applicable to Dynamics AX2009


This document describes how to perform the following tasks:

  • Install the .NET Business Connector

  • Install the web service that handles the communication between the mobile devices and Dynamics AX

  • Import the AX objects for the mobile solution

  • Setup the communication with the mobile devices

  • Setting up users on the mobile device

  • Basic configuration of the mobile application

  • Extend the standard solution with custom functionality



  • Operating System:

    Windows Server 2003, SP2, Standard Edition, 32 or 64 bit


    Windows Server 2008, 32 or 64 bit

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or 7.0.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0

  • Access to Active Directory


64 Bit Server?

On a 64 bit server the application pool must be set to allow 32 bit applications because the .NET Business Connector is 32 bit.

Open your IIS manager and find the right application pool, right click it and choose ‘Set application pool defaults’.

Important note: If you have multiple servers setup in your business connector you must have an application pool per server.  

.Net Business Connector

The .NET Business Connector must be installed on the mobile server. It is used by the web service accessed by the mobile devices to make the connection to Dynamics AX. When the .NET Business Connector is installed it must be configured to the appropriate AOS. The .NET Business Connector configuration is saved to a file. This file is used later when the web service is configured.

Install the .NET Business Connector

  1. Run the installation from the Dynamics AX 2009 installation media

  2. Configure the .NET Business Connector using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility

  3. Save the configuration file

Web Service

The DocumentService web service is used by the mobile devices to connect to Dynamics AX. It is installed by running the “Microsoft Dynamics Mobile - Server Components.exe”. The web service is installed under the Internet Information Services (IIS) and this role must be installed on the server. 

Install the Dynamics Mobile Server Components

Only install the document service

Use the default web site

Server connector = AX2009 SP1

No SSL on document service

Config  file not encrypted (must be done later)

If the AOS is on another server, set AX Proxy User

This must correspond to the user setup in AX.

Set the AX company

This is the company the mobile devices will connect to.  See image below, company "CEU" has been selected. 

Set the configuration file the .NET Business Connector

This file determines how to connect to the AOS. It should be created when the .NET Business Connector is installed.

DocumentService Configuration

Allow ”Domain Users” to access the web service

Edit the \inetpub\wwwroot\DocumentService\web.config file:

Code Block
     <add value=".\Administrators"></add>
     <add value="Contoso\Domain Users"></add>

Note: To edit the file on a Windows Server 2008 you need to open the editor with Administrator privileges (right click -> run as administrator)

Test that the web service is accessible

You find the IP address from the Server Manager. See below screenshot. 

Once you have the IP address you can test the service.

In an internet browser enter the URI: http://localhost/DocumentService/Document.svc

Import AX Objects

The integration between the mobile devices and Dynamics AX is delivered as an XPO and two label files. The XPO must be imported and the label files copied to the AOS server.

The integration objects are in a file named: “Mobile_WMS_Integration_TF_2_3.xpo”

Most of the integration objects are new objects that can be imported directly in Dynamics AX. But there are a few minor changes to the standard objects and these changes have to be merged / implemented manually.

The objects were exported from Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 with Hotfix Rollup 5

Adding the Mobile WMS menu

A new “Mobile WMS” menu has been created to manage the Mobile WMS solution. This menu has to be added to the main menu before it is visible.

Once you click on the menu you will be able to see all the Mobile WMS features.


The parameters for the Mobile WMS application is setup here: Mobile WMS/Setup/Parameters

You can find more details about the parameters here: Mobile WMS Parameters (AX/FO)

User Roles

Include A Shared Block
pageUser Roles


Include A Shared Block
pageInstall Guide - D365FO

Solving Installation Problems

These problems are commonly seen.


Possible cause / How to solve

The Mobile WMS client can connect to the service (get an error of result is not in “text/xml” format)

The AIF/Webservice is not running, or the app.config does not point to it. (An error message from IIS is not in “text/xml” format).
In AX find the “Inbound port” (MobileDocumentService) – if it is possible to web-browse the address.

If not – try to disable/delete the “Inbound port” and create it again. See “Setup Inbound port”.

If yes – start web-browser on mobile device and verify the address works.

Mobile WMS device connectes – but nothing happens

Check the app.config points to a correct company in AX.
(Check //configuration/serviceSettings/services/add (login service)/ endpoints/add)

The Mobile WMS – can connect. (resolve host)

Check the app.config file – the address is wrong or the device can’t access the address.

Menu is empty

The user is allowed to login – but is not assigned to a user group with any menu setup.

Check that the table ‘MobDocumentAccessRights’ is empty.

Pick/Receive is choosen – but nothing is shown

Check if the Warehouse dropdown – shows any warehouses – the user (group) is not assigned any warehouses.