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Set up and configure a new Zebra printer to be used with Cloud Print Service


Step 1: Check part number of printer

Find the parts number of the printer underneath, it will be listed as either PCC or Part Number.

(see pictures below on where to find them)

Compare your printers part number with the once on the list here: Supported Printers in order to figure out what capabilities your printer has.

For all printers with wi-fi capabilities we recommend setting printers up using that.

For the Industrial printers we recommend setting them up for LAN usage.

From our experience you should only use Bluetooth if there is no other option as this solution is limited in range compared to WiFi

Step 2: Set up Networking

The following guides will guide you through connecting the printer to a network:

Wired Printer Guide or Wireless Printer guide

If the printer is intended to be used with Bluetooth instead follow this guide:

Bluetooth Printer Setup

Step 3: Update the Cloud Print Setup in the ERP System

Once the printer is setup, it is time to update the Cloud Print Setup in the ERP System, you will do this following the guides below:

Verify your setup by printing a couple of labels from the mobile device connected to the ERP System.

If you experience any issues while printing, check our Additional Zebra printer setupPrinter Troubleshooting and Troubleshoot Zebra printer - Support Knowledge Base - Tasklet Factory Docs