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Used only for existing highly customized scenarios which will never be supported by the standard solution

Use only as

titleThis is only to be used as a last resort

You can create your own "PTE" extension using the Source Code, however we it highly discurage you to do so

  • You take full ownership of the code, you compile the source code and maintain your own extension
  • You cannot upgrade and will have to merge your code going forward
  • You must ensure the Customer License has the required object available, the PTE object range is not in included in the Mobile WMS License granule

Installing Per-tenant extension

Per-tenant extension can be installed on either Cloud or On-Prem

Step 1 - Download extension package

You need the .app file containing the Mobile WMS extension

Go to

  • Navigate to "Download" > "Guides & Objects – Dynamics 365 Business Central"

Download the build that matches your platform version.

Unzip the contents and open the inner folder with VS Code.

Step 2 - Unique App ID

Edit the app.json files "id:" tag with a new GUID of your choice

Step 3 - Compile

Compile and deploy to your environment of choice


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