Barcode quantity is a way to map quantities with barcodes. It is a way to make the application aware, that there is a difference between scanning a barcode on a box, and on the individual item.
In this way scanning the barcode on a box, will result in the quantity from the box to be used.

Barcode quantity is defined on the individual order line in the <BarcodeQuantity >...</BarcodeQuantity> element. The content of the element is a list of barcodes mapped to quantities.
The list elements comprise of a barcode a {quantity} and a [displayname] separated by a ; which allows mapping multiple barcodes to quantities.

For this so work it is important the the barcode defined in this element is know as a reference to the individual item.

  <BarcodeQuantity enableMultiplier="true">1234567891234{12}[Box];9876543219876{120}[Pallet]</BarcodeQuantity> <!-- enableMultiplier is false by default -->

Register Quantity By Scan

Barcode quantity was initially implemented to be used with RegisterQuantityByScan, and allows the user to increment the quantity by the quantity related to the scanned barcode.
So if barcode 1234567891234 was scanned, that would entail a registration of 12 according to the BarcodeQuantity element above.

Registering Quantity By Typing

Scanning a barcode quantity barcode when displaying the regular quantity step, will result in the user being presented with the quantity from the barcode, and not the remaining.

Enabling Barcode Quantity Multiplication

Available from v. 1.5.12

Enabling barcode quantity multiplication allows the user to enter how many e.g. boxes where picked up. This will result in a registration which multiplies the user input of boxes, and the amount of individual items the box can contain.
So if the barcode 1234567891234 is scanned, the quantity field is left blank, and a multiplier is displayed to the right of the input field, notifying that the entered quantity will be multiplied by that value.
Furthermore, the display name defined in the [ ] will be displayed in the header of the registration collector, to identity to the user which container type was scanned.


Scan a barcode representing af box and then type the number of boxes to automatically calculate the total quantity to register.

Box (5)  x 10 = 50 Pcs

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