Applicable for Mobile WMS version 3.13 and above for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics AX 2012

In this article we will:

  • See how to remove batch numbers unplanned item registration flow from X++ code.
  • See the result from the mobile device. 


When you don't want to register batch numbers in your unplanned processes and your tracking dimension allows blank issues and receipts. 

Mobile WMS will detect if the batch dimension is active and put it in the registration collector. 

Removing a step in unplanned item registration collector

This customization catches all unplanned item registrations so it an easy way changing the behavior.  

Add "returnMap.remove('InventBatchId');" before the return to remove the batch number collector. Example see line15. 

    if ((_inventDimParm.(fieldName2id(tableNum(InventDimParm),fieldStr(InventDimParm, inventSerialIdFlag))) && !returnMap.exists(fieldStr(InventDim, inventSerialId)))/* ||
        (_inventDimParm.(fieldName2id(tableNum(InventDimParm),fieldStr(InventDimParm, inventSerialIdFlag))))*/)
        // If serial numbers are not used we ask for a quantity (for serial numbers the quantity is always 1)
        dictType = new SysDictType(extendedTypeNum(Qty));
        collectorMap = MobRegistrationCollectorDecimal::DecimalStepMap(add,MobConstants::Quantity(),"@SYS130676",dictType.label(),'',false,'',0,10000000,14,MobConstants::GS1_QTY());
        if (_onlineValidationDocuments != null && _onlineValidationDocuments.exists(MobConstants::Quantity()))
    //Example begin
    //Example end
    return returnMap;

Mobile Device - Before 

Notice we have 4 steps where step number 2 is the batch number registration.

Mobile Device - After

Notice we have 3 steps, where as we had 4 steps previously. Now batch number is not a part of the registration flow.