The Mobile WMS app can be used to register Tote shipping when the "Enable Tote Picking" is selected in the "Mobile WMS Setup".


The background for this function was to be able to create one shipment and one pick for multiple customers and then separate the orders/customers by the Tote ID's.


Tote Picking & Shipping

The Tote functionality is accessed through both Pick and Tote Shipping in the main menu, as seen in the screenshots.

  • Items must be Tote-picked using the Pick -function..

  • ..before they can be shipped using the Tote Shipping -fuction

How to enable Tote functionality

You have to activate "Enable Tote Picking" on Mobile WMS Setup.

There are three different ways of collecting the Tote ID, using the "Tote Per" -setting on Mobile WMS Setup.

  • Destination No. - Tote ID's per Recipient Customer
  • Source No. - Tote ID's per Sales Order
  • Whse. Document No. - Tote ID's per Warehouse Shipment document

Conditional Tote Picking

If for some reason you only wish to Tote Pick certain orders, it is possible to enable/disable Tote Picking on specific Warehouse Picks.

There are three different values for the "Tote Picking Enabled"- setting on Warehouse Picks.

  • Default
  • Yes
  • No

"Default" will use and also show the setting from Mobile WMS Setup. In the below case "Default (Yes)"

Mobile: Tote Picking

When "Enable Tote Picking" is active, the pick process will be as described in the "Pick Items" section with one extra step as shown below:

Registering the first Tote ID:

After the first Tote ID is registered:

If the user enters a Tote ID that is already used for another customer on the same pick/shipment, they will get an error:

When the pick is registered you will see the ToteIDs on the shipment in Business Central

Mobile: Tote Shipping

After this, you can complete the shipments through the Tote Shipping menu on the mobile device.

The Tote Shipping module is accessed from the main menu seen in the screenshot. Is only used if Tote Pick is activated to post the shipment.

  • The user scans a Tote ID

  • The first step is only information, it displays:
    • The Shipment No.
    • What other Tote ID that is to be shipped

  • In the next steps, the user must scan all Tote ID's for the shipment

  • One after another

By default the user will be asked to enter an Ext. Doc. No. per shipment.

If you have multiple customers on the same pick/shipment the shipments will be posted when the user has registered all of the Tote ID's for each customer.


And in Business Central the lines on the shipment are now posted:


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