• Requires minimum MOB version 5.XX
  • Requires minimum MOS version 1.XX

What is going to happen?

Pack & Ship will no longer be its own separate extension.

We have continuously improved the features based on your feedback and it has today grown into a solid product ready for the next step.

We are now ready to merge the existing Per-Tenant extension Pack & Ship into our main product Mobile WMS that you are already using today.

  • The migration will include data and functionality
  • After the migration, all existing functionality will be available

Why is this an advantage?

  • It is no longer required to manually install and update a separate Per-Tenant extension to use Pack & Ship, you will only need Mobile MWS.
  • In order to create new functionality around the License Plate data structure, we need the License Plate data structure in Mobile WMS  

When is this going to happen?

  • We expect to deliver the first version of Mobile WMS with Pack & Ship functionality in Q2 of 2023
  • All information related to this migration will be announced on the Tasklet Yammer forum.

Will we be forced to migrate?

  • No, It´s up to you when you are ready and want to migrate, but after Pack & Ship version 1.XX new features related to Pack & Ship functionality will only be released as part of Mobile WMS.

What does this mean for existing customers?

If you are using Pack & Ship today without any specific code customizations, you just need to enable Pack & Ship as a feature in Mobile WMS.

It will require the last version of Pack & Ship and the latest version of Mobile WMS to do this.

After you enable Pack & Ship in Mobile WMS, all existing functionality and data from Pack & Ship will be available.

Should we stop making customizations?

No. you can still continue to build customization for Pack & Ship.

We will share a simple guide on how to handle any customizations below.

How should we handle existing customizations?

In case of any customizations, you need to follow this simple guide to prepare your code to work after the migration.

All existing objects from Pack & Ship have been renamed from MOS ObjectName to MOB ObjectName when moved into Mobile WMS.

  1. Replace dependency from Pack & Ship to Mobile WMS in the app.json file in your custom project
  2. Search and replace 'MOS' to 'MOB' in your customized code to reference the renamed object and events now located in Mobile WMS
  3. Compile and build your customized code

If you have made any table extensions to MOS tables, we can provide additional guidance to handle this.

Do you need more help?

  • Please raise an issue in the Service Desk and request assistance on Pack & Ship migration.


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