When registering, as default behavior, you will be warned or blocked, when exceeding or registering less than the Quantity sent to the mobile Device.

The device says:

"You cannot register more then x for this item"


Modify the following Line parameters:

  • overDeliveryValidation
  • underDeliveryValidation

The options are:

  • None: User is allowed to register a higher/lower value

  • Warn: Warn the user if a higher/lower value than suggested is entered. User must accept the prompt

  • Block: User is not allowed to register a higher/lower value. A error message is displayed

Determines the behavior when the maximum value is exceeded.

Using overDeliveryValidation-options that will allow over-delivery will affect the mobile device only, The BC backend will need to allow over-delivery as well i.e. you must be able to process overdelivery from the backend when no mobile devices are used to process the posting. Only recent BC versions support this. For older versions, customization to the backend is needed.

These are defined in the OrderLines response from the BackEnd.

How to modify 

Business Central

Use the "OnAfterSetFrom"...-events i.e.:


And the relevant functions i.e.:

  • Set_UnderDeliveryValidation
  • Set_OverDeliveryValidation


Modify Codeunits:

  • MOB WMS Toolbox
  • Or the respective functional area Codeunit, i.e. Count, Pick etc.