Receive Order Lines

When a Receive order is selected from the list of orders available to process, information needed to process this one order is downloaded to the mobile device (assuming default Mobile WMS setup, see note below).

This allows for inventory movements to be processed in areas with poor or no wireless network coverage, e.g. inside a container, at remote outdoor locations, or other.

Receive order lines.

This screen shows the order lines for the selected receive order. 


  1.  Scan any of the goods received, thereby selecting the corresponding purchase order line.
  2. Register dimensions for the order line
    • Location
    • Pallet, see Pallets
    • License Plate, see License Plate
    • Batch number
    • Expiration date
    • Serial number
    • Quantity

Online validation

The Mobile WMS can be setup to be always online during order processing. This will allow for real-time validation of scanned locations, tracking information (serial numbers etc.) and more – but at the expense of possible timeouts and a worse user experience if poor network coverage is common. However, business requirements / end-user customizations may require you to be online more often. Also, if wireless network coverage is indeed stable everywhere, being always-online is usually advantageous and with no drawbacks.

Selecting an order line

The fastest and most reliable way to select an order line is to scan the barcode of an item. If a barcode is not available or unreadable/damaged, you can manually double-tap an order line at the mobile touchscreen to start the registration process for that order line.

For older mobile devices with no touchscreen use the up/down arrows at the pop-up keyboard to highlight a line. When a line is highlighted press <Select line> button to select the order line.

Entering location

If a storage dimension for an item number is active (e.g. Location, Batch, Serial Number) the mobile device will ask you to enter this information for the order line.

You must scan / enter requested values before you can proceed. If a barcode is not available (or unreadable/damaged) you can tap the barcode symbol to key in the information manually.

Assuming default Mobile WMS setup the mobile device will compare the registered location with the value suggested on the order line. If a different value is found the mobile device will display a warning (confirmation) message before the new value is used.

Warning message

This behavior can be changed in the Mobile WMS settings. Options are <None>, <Warn> and <Block>. See application config file for further in-depth information.

Registering the quantity

When all necessary storage dimensions have been registered for the order line you are asked to enter the quantity.

Last step in the workflow is to enter quantity.

The mobile device always suggests the quantity needed to fulfil the remaining quantity on the purchase order line. The basic assumption here is that it is no under-/overdelivery, as well as the full remaining quantity can and should be put-away entirely at the location specified already (usually being the default location).

To accept this quantity you can either tap the-button or simply scan the next item to be received. By scanning the next item, the mobile device will automatically register quantity entered for the current item as well as select the next order line in one step. This is the preferred procedure and will allow you to perform registrations faster and without touching the screen.

However, if goods do not fit in one location – or you for other reasons wishes to split quantities - you may choose to key in a lower quantity. Doing so will complete registration of this partial quantity and (like normally) take you back to the Receive order lines list. Now repeat the registration procedure for that same order line as many times as needed, by scanning the same item number (selecting the line again), specifying location etc. - and either accept new suggested remaining quantity or once again key in a lower quantity to do yet another split.

Other reasons for needing to split quantities would be receiving same item but with different batch numbers, serial numbers, expiration. You manually decide for each split quantity if items are to be placed at same location or a new, different location.

Repeating registration for the same order line corresponds to splitting the line in Dynamics AX/365FO and can be performed for all storage dimensions (locations / batch numbers / expiration dates / serial numbers).


Should you want to use under-/overdelivery Mobile WMS checks these parameters together with setting on the line if the percentage is greater than null during posting. 

Procurement and sourcing parameters.