Pick Order List

Unlike in Dynamics AX/365FO, the mobile device displays in the same view a prioritized list of all “pick orders” (i.e. sales orders, picking routes or production picking journals) that are ready to be picked and posted.

The pick order list shows the available pick orders within the selected filter. The orders are downloaded directly from Dynamics AX/365FO.

The information displayed for each order can be changed in Dynamics AX/365FO to fit your specific requirements.

The list can show orders of the following types:

  • Open sales orders
  • Picking routes
  • Production picking journals

The type of orders to show is controlled on the parameter form for the Mobile WMS solution. The work process on the mobile device is identical for all order types.

Selecting the pick order

You can manually select any unlocked Pick order from the list to work on. Or, you can scan a barcode to filter the list of Pick orders to only show pick orders containing this item. 

The filter functionality when scanning can be changed in Dynamics AX/365FO to allow filtering on any scanned value. You can read more here about adding extra filter fields: Filters

 Order locking

If a lock symbol shows to the right of an order in the list, it’s an indication that someone else is currently working on that order. If you select such a locked order a warning appears, telling who is working on that order currently. Locking functionality is in place to prevent you from unintentionally selecting an order handled by another user. If you still wish to work on that order regardless of the warning you can open the context menu and select <Release> to unlock the order. This will allow you to lock the order for your processing and will not prevent the original user from keeping processing that same order simultaneously.

Reasons for unlocking orders could be to intentionally have multiple users work simultaneously at the same large/urgent document, to clean up documents that by human error was never completed, to resolve issues that may be caused by disconnects, or other.  Should multiple users make registrations against same order lines by accident, validation is in place during the posting process (first to post will take preference).

Context menu options

Gets the latest orders from Dynamics AX/365FO

Unlocks a locked order

Type barcode
Allows you to enter a barcode manually if the barcode cannot be scanned.