Label Print

With Mobile WMS Label Print you can directly from the mobile device make label prints.

VersionPrerequisiteDynamics 365 FODynamics AX 2012Dynamics AX 2009
1.0Mobile WMS 3.8

2.0Mobile WMS 3.11

Release Notes - Version 2.00

Mobile WMS version: 1.3.11 or newer

App version to access all functionality: 1.5.8 for Android or newer

For instructions to install Mobile WMS please find more information here:

Install Guide - D365FO

Install Guide - AX2012

 Print preview from label design

Improved import and export of individual label designs

You can segregate your printers into site, warehouse and location to make it simpler for the warehouse worker to find the correct printer and label design. Another strong feature is the ability to make planned and unplanned prints.

The unplanned prints gives you the option make a new label if the old one is not working.

You can also make planned label prints where you attach the print into a posting process, so this becomes an extra step in the process.

Initial Setup of Mobile WMS Label Print

When printing labels using a mobile device, a communication to the print server is required. To setup this, a username and password is given to you from Tasklet Factory.

You find the setup here: Mobile WMS / Parameters / Documents / Print Labels

A prerequisites for the label print, is that the mobile device and the label printer have to be on the same local network.

You need a ...

  • service user
  • password
  • tenant ID
  • Internet address

Once these credentials are filled out you have access to the print server.