• Extension version MOB5.35


You want to add/create a custom label template with a unique design

In this example, we will duplicate an Item Label to make our own version called "My Item Label".

Watch the video

Cloud Print: How to Copy a Label-Template to New

Do not modify standard templates, create your own copy

Keep standard templates for reference and create a clean copy for yourself

Choose a suitable design

Select a template to copy, that has a layout you like. See Standard Label Designs

About template handlers

Each standard label has a “template handler".

The handler makes it easy for you to create your own template and re-use the data processing and Step-collection of a standard template.

Your label is a kind of "Item Label", so you want to re-use the Item Label template handler - and perhaps modify its behavior. 

Step 1: Select a template to copy

  • Go to Mobile Print Setup
  • Select Templates
  • Select an Item Label

Step 2: Make the copy

  • Select Copy Template
  • Enter My Item Label

Step 3: Label Template lookup on Mobile

You can see the template when looking up labels on mobile 

  • Go to the Main menu
  • Select Print
  • Enter an Item number, Accept

You can now use the new template

Modify the behavior of the Template Handler 

  • All Values and display Labels can be changed through customization
  • Additional values can collected using “Steps” – or you can change existing steps
  • See Customize Labels and the examples below

More examples