Below is a rolling list of release notes for Mobile WMS for Android. 

Version - March 2023

SPN-3229Fixed an issue where an index out of bounds error message was displayed when scanning a Gs1 barcode in a registration collector with a list.

Version 1.8.0 - March 2023

New Feature
SPN-2704Allow order line configuration to contain workflow steps to be merged into the service defined workflow.
Sorted by id.
SPN-3202Approved Datalogic Memor 11.

SPN-3179Fixed a bug preventing online error messages to be displayed when scanning Gs1 barcodes.
SPN-3201Fixed a UI issue where the filter would get cropped in landscape mode.
SPN-3213Fixed an issue where returning an empty registration collector configuration as part of online validation would make the registration collector return to first step.

End of development for Android 6

Version - December 2022

New Features
SPN-3131Screen orientation can be set to a fixed orientation, disabling the default automatic orientation locking handled at login.Link

SPN-2878Fixed a bug preventing the online validators to validate, when multiple registrations where performed without closing the registration collector.
SPN-2896Fixed an intermittent application crash when refreshing lists and exiting.
SPN-3146Fixed an issue where all custom online validators would be triggered on any barcode scanned.
SPN-3147Restricted the filter to only accept when a scan actually applied a value. An issue primarily affecting Gs1 barcodes.
SPN-3148Removed a cap of 100 seconds for network timeouts.
SPN-3153Fixed an issue where a warning message would not be displayed when trying to overdeliver when using single scan registrations.

Version - October 2022

SPN-3012    Keep registration collector open when the backend responds with an error when posting an unplanned registration.
SPN-3122Make sure that the last registered order line is visible after bin filter is removed.

Version - October 2022

New Features
SPN-3100Extended the dialog that can be setup to warn the user when trying to exit a page, to actually block the user.Link

SPN-3077Fixed a bug causing whitespace characters not to be accepted as separators in the serial number step. The specific case was when trying to use \r\n (carriage return, new line) as separator in the Data matrix barcode containing multiple serial numbers.Link

Version - August 2022

SPN-3032Fixed an issue where the date format was not respected, as the sub language format differed from the main language. Specifically en-au, that uses a format like danish.

Version 1.7.0 - July 2022

New Features
SPN-3047App updated with the new logo of Tasklet Factory.

SPN-3051License not valid on first app startup after reboot on Android 11.

Version - May 2022

New Features
SPN-949Azure library changed from ADAL to MSAL, including support for scopes, which consists of the Azure app resource and a permission. E.g.

SPN-3014Escape special characters in endpoint ID.

SPN-3019Scan engine properties are not read on Honeywell devices.
SPN-3021Code ID is not reenabled in DataWedge after successful Azure login.

Version 1.6.0 - April 2022

New Features

Add support for reading RFID tags with Zebra RFD40 in combination with TC21.
Important: Read the documentation before utilizing this functionality.

SPN-2908Add support for Honeywell Mobility Edge devices with Android 11, like the CT45, and CT60.

SPN-2865Clear order lines from the order lines page if an update fails, and indicate to the user that a new update needs to be performed to get the currently available order lines.

SPN-2931Prevent transferring values from the selected order when performing an order line search on the order lines page.
SPN-2936Allow posting all registrations from the pending registrations page, used when performing unplanned offline registrations.

Version 1.5.13 - March 2022

New Features
SPN-2886Added support for Latvia.
SPN-2892The behaviour of the enter key in the header can be configured to either go to next line, or accept the header once mandatory fields are filled in. Configured by enterKeyBehaviour="AcceptOnCompleted|NextEmptyLine".Link
SPN-2895Searching can be enabled for locked header fields, by setting locked="SearchOnly".Link

SPN-2873Remaining quantity is now suggested in the barcode quantity unit when enableMultiplier is enabled. Such that if quantity for an order line is 15, and the barcode scanned maps to 5 in BarcodeQuantity, then 3 is suggested.Link

SPN-2894Fixed a bug where scanning a Gs1 barcode would not submit a registration when ApplyDirectly is setup for online lot number validation.
SPN-2826Fixed an error where the application would claim that an order line was not present when scanning an item and bin filtering is enabled.
SPN-2864Fixed an application crash when cancelling the registration collector. Mainly observed in relation to utilizing a slow online validator.
SPN-2868When the bin filter is cleared, the currently selected line will be placed in the top of the list, if visible before the filter is cleared.

Version 1.5.12 - Februrary 2022

New Features
SPN-2221Support typing in the date field instead of only relying on the Android date pickers.
SPN-2450Support new registration collector steps returned as part of online validation of a planned workflow step.Link
SPN-2718Remember username of the last user logged in. Configurable through attribute rememberLastUser="true" on the credentials element.
SPN-2787Enable the user to scan a barcode on a box, and register amounts of boxes. Functionality relies on BarcodeQuantity for the quantity contained in the box, and registrations will be based on single items.Link
SPN-2845Enable refreshing the lookup every time it appears, whether opening it or going back to it from a previous page.
SPN-2848GZip compression for communication between server and client can be enabled.Link
SPN-2842Added support for Croatian language.
SPN-2769Support Android 11 on Zebra devices.
SPN-2705Approve Datalogic Skorpio X5.
SPN-2851Approve Zebra TC52/57.

SPN-2850Keyboard icon for opening software keyboard on devices with a hardware keyboard has been refreshed.

SPN-2837Fixed an application crash caused by the application trying to scroll after exiting page.
SPN-2858Fixed a bug causing hardware key navigation to fail after dismissing a drop down.
SPN-2866Fixed an application crash caused by rapidly dismissing messages after post.

End of development for Android 5

Version - November 2021

New Features
SPN-2814Approved the wireless Honeywell 1991I handheld scanner.

SPN-2782Fixed a bug causing the application to crash when scanning on an empty order lines page.
SPN-2785Fixed a bug where endpoints where not selectable in landscape mode on EDA70/EDA71.
SPN-2793ForceWarning is yet again enabled in online validation.
SPN-2808Fixed an issue where the drop down would get stuck, preventing the user from dismissing it.
SPN-2827Fixed a bug where setting <scanToSelectBehaviour behaviour="User"/> would make the application crash.
SPN-2830ConvertGs1Input has been implemented on the converter defined in the order lines page, also enabling a gs1 barcode to be converted to a new gs1 barcode.
SPN-2831Fixed a bug preventing users from logging in with different user on Azure after successful login.

Version 1.5.11 - November 2021

Mobile configuration is not updated.

New Features
SPN-1967Enable controlling which menu items are enabled and visible based on the order line selected. This can help the user as irrelevant menu items can be disabled or removed completely.Link
SPN-2365Extend line selection on Lookup pages to support multiple values in the Barcode element.
SPN-2475Add support for Datalogic devices on Android 10.
SPN-2713Support Gs1 barcodes on the Lookup page, and utilize any value that matches a name in an opened registration collector.

SPN-2820Updated the polish translations.

SPN-2801Fixed a bug causing the user to be unable to enter negative numbers.
SPN-2805Always expose selected order to the page defined in the <onOrderSelected navigateTo=""/> attribute on the order list page. Values are referenced by name, e.g. BackendID.
SPN-2808Fixed an issue where the drop down would get stuck, preventing the user from dismissing it.
SPN-2812Fixed an issue where the scanner would stop reading barcodes after a while on the Honeywell CK65 and CT60.

Version 1.5.10 - July 2021

Mobile configuration is not updated.

New Features

SPN-1827Support validation warning types for bin validation. Setting the warning type on the step will override the allowBinChange element on the order line.Link
SPN-2539Allow an empty date/date time field by setting defaultValue="". If value is required, user selection can be forced by setting optional="false".Link

SPN-2666Only display remaining valid serial numbers when order line grouping is utilized.
SPN-2709Add context to GetOrders request, if opened from another page such as a lookup.

SPN-2712Application crash when backing out of fast scrolling list.


Version 1.5.9 - June 2021

Mobile configuration is not updated. 

New Features

SPN-2481A new line selection format has been introduced, enabling selection to happen on all order line properties. Aside from that, values can be returned, and automatically set on the opened registration collector.Link
SPN-2527HTML can be used for defining text in the drop down dialog.
SPN-2585Support has been made for returning a registration collector as part of posting an unplanned item registration, either from header or collector. Functionality is enabled by returning a new registration collector as a response to the posting request.Link
SPN-2654A printing response can be returned as part of the each response when posting all orders from the OfflineManagement page.
SPN-2680An order level registration collector can be returned as a part of the posting response when posting an order. This can be used in cases where the order level registration collector is not always necessary.

SPN-2521Selection color has been changed for clearer visibility on which value is selected.
SPN-2522All configured settings are cleared, when the application is exited by backing out of the login page.
SPN-2414Error message displayed on the splash screen if permissions are missing. Usually those are set by MobiControl, but in some cases needs to be modified in the settings application on Android.
SPN-2690The Honeywell CT40XP is approved.

SPN-2562Header values above the order line list will now be displayed even if only the label or the value is present.
SPN-2599Fixed a bug preventing default values other that strings to be set when utilizing ExtraInfo on an order line.


Version 1.5.8 - May 2021

Mobile configuration is not updated. 

New Features
SPN-2408Allow grouping similar order lines, which in BC and FO are split into separate lines.
An example is picking serial number controlled items. Enabled by wrapping order lines in a Group element.
SPN-2410Support scanning a barcode which contains several serial numbers and register them individually.
SPN-2616A button is added to manually trigger an update from the Offline Management page.
SPN-2619The order lines page can be refreshed from the backend, when LineSelection is used.

SPN-866Enable scrolling in the drop down for displaying long messages.
SPN-2553When bin filtering is removed the line selection will be remembered.
SPN-2604Continue button has been moved to the burger menu on the Offline Management page.

SPN-1444Expand the area used by the list in the Offline Management page.


Version 1.5.7 - April 2021

Mobile configuration is not updated. 

New Features
SPN-1619New registration collector steps can be added to an already opened registration collector when performing an unplanned item registration. To utilize this, simply add a registration collector element with the desired steps to the response of the post.
SPN-2412Automatic posting per registration or order can be enabled. The functionality is changed by the attribute "postingTrigger" on the orderLinesConfiguration element. This deprecates the promptUserToPostWhenAllLinesComplete attribute.Link
SPN-2415Zebra MC3300X is approved.
SPN-2474Honeywell devices running Android 10 are supported.
SPN-2480The registration collector can rewind to an earlier step when a partial registration is completed. It is enabled by adding a new element on the BaseOrderLine named RewindToStepOnIncompleteLine, which should contain the name of the step to rewind to.
SPN-2555Implement locking the barcode scanning screen on devices without a hardware scanner.

SPN-2596Fixed an intermittent scanner dropout of the Honeywell CT60XP.
SPN-2602Fixed an issue where the active order was not moved to the top of the order list when it was closed.