(Legacy) OnPrem/Per-Tenant Extension

This article was written for the separate Pack & Ship Extension (OnPrem or Per-Tenant).
Pack & Ship is now a feature in the standard Mobile WMS (since MOB5.42).


Pack & Ship feature in Mobile WMS - Link to User Guide
Pack & Ship Extension - Data migration - Link to Documentation


Tasklet Factory has developed an Extension to enhance the pick, packing and shipping workflows in the warehouse when Mobile WMS and mobile devices are used.

“Pack & Ship” is an alternative to the existing Shipment and Tote Shipping in Mobile WMS and includes improvements to workflows such as:

  • Staging of goods between picking and packing processes
  • Repacking picked goods to new packages and pallets
  • Printing labels for package/pallet contents
  • Fully customizable integration to 3rd party Shipping Apps including booking and printing shipping documents directly from the mobile device.


The extension can be used without integration to 3rd party Shipping Apps and will still provide significant benefits in terms of staging, repacking, and printing package content label reports.

The main goal however, is to allow our customers to easily connect the Mobile WMS solution to their 3rd party shipping solutions. This will enable customers to create and book transports/consignments, and print the shipping labels directly from the mobile devices.

  • Integration to 3rd party Shipping Apps can be developed by partners by creating “Connectors” that will bridge the gap between “Pack & Ship” and the 3rd party Shipping App
  • We provide a framework that will streamline this process and significantly reduce the amount of code needed to support a new shipping solution

Connectors provided by Tasklet:

Extension dependencies

Currently Pack & Ship is a separate extension. In the future, it will be included as part of Mobile WMS.

What do you need to get started

Proceed go to Tasklet University, Downloads to download:

  • Partner Guide PDF
  • Key Concepts PDF
  • Pack & Ship Extension
  • Shipping Connector Extension

System requirements for the “Pack & Ship” extension

  • Business Central version 14.0
  • Mobile WMS Extension, version 5.32
  • Mobile WMS Android App 1.5.12
  • Printing “License Plate” and “License Plate Content” requires Tasklet Print Cloud Service

Setup requirements

  • WMS Setup: “Enable Tote Picking” and “Tote per” set to “Whse. Document No.”
  • Location: "Require Pick" and "Require Shipment"
  • Warehouse Shipment:
    • Only orders for the same Customer and delivery address
    • Only Source Document of type “Sales Order” and “Transfer Orders” outbound, can be used as source for Warehouse Shipment for the packing and shipping processes
  • Assemble-to-Order is not supported.

Optional system requirements for the “Pack & Ship – Shipit365 Connector” extension

  • Idyn ShipIt365 Extension, version xx.5.10924 (or newer)
  • “Pack & Ship” Extension, version 1.12.xx.xx

Optional system requirements for the “Pack & Ship – LogTrade Connector” extension

  • Business Central version 17 (or newer)
  • Logtrade Extension, version (or newer)
  • “Pack & Ship” Extension, version 1.12.xx.xx